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Protective Coating

Protective Coating

Coating to protect new & existing structures from attack by atmospheric chlorides & carbonation, or from exposure to harmful chemicals.

Products: Nitoprime, Deckguard, Nitocote










Protective Coating




Typical Uses


Nitoprime®   Zincrich
0.5, 1 litre





Single component, zinc rich epoxy prime





Recommended as a anti-corrosion prime for exposed steel reinforcement for use with Fosroc concrete repair mortars. The product actively resists corrosion within the confines of the repair location

4-5 m2 / litre / coat






Dekguard®   S/
Dekguard®   Std
5,  20 litres








High performance pure aliphatic acrylate based protective and decorative coating for concrete and masonry







Recommended as a protective and decorative and  decorative coating for atmospherically  exposed  RC structures from long term protection viewpoint. It is ideally suited for soffit of bridge decks, RC frames in high rise building and similar expensive infrastructures. Can be used both in repaired and new construction situations.

Dekguard primer – 2.5 m2/litre
Dekguard  S  Top coat – 3 m2/litre
Dekguard Std primer – 8 m2/litre
Dekguard Std Topcoat- 8 m2/litre/coat







Dekguard®  S300
5, 10  & 20 litre packs




High performance high build  aliphatic  acrylate based  protective coating for concrete and masonry



An ideal protective cum decorative coating for bridges, flyovers, underpasses, commercial and industrial building


Dekguard S300 undercoat-
2.5 m2 per litre
Dekguard S300 topcoat 5-6 m2 per litre



Nitocote®  EP140
4.5  litre pack




Nitocote®  EP40 5
4 litre packs





Two component, chemical resistant, epoxy coating for steel and concrete surfaces.



Solvent free, food grade epoxy resin coating for potable water retaining structures. Approved by CFTRI.



A hygienic and chemical resistant coating for steel tanks, concrete wall, concrete and metal columns, sluice and ducts.


Provide protection to concrete and metal structures against corrosion from aggressive agents in drinks water and food stuff. Suitable for potable water tanks, interior coating for large pipelines conveying potable water structures in food and beverage industries.


1o m2/litre/coat @ 100 microns




10 m2/litre/coat @ 100 microns




Nitocote®  EP  410
 4 litre packs

To component solvent free high build epoxy coating. {Hygienic chemical resistant coating for concrete, metal tanks, walls, ducts etc,}.

Provide protection against corrosion and aggressive agent. Suitable for internal coating of concrete and steel structural elements.


16m2 @ 250 microns wft per pack

Nitocote®   NT550
18 litre packs




Nitocote®  NT140
 4 litre packs




Based on graft polymerization of epoxy resin




Low build epoxy based protective coating




Provides protection to concrete and metal structure against corrosion from aggressive environments.  Suitable for tanks above ground or in totally submerged conditions such as pipelinings. Particularly useful sewage works, effluent treatment plants, dock and harbour installations.



1.8 – 1.9 m2/litre 2 350 microns




40 m2 / 4 litre pack @ 100 microns WFT





Nitocote®  NT402
10 litre packs




Based on selected epoxy resin




Provides chemical and abrasion resistance to prevent corrosion of concrete  surfaces  for applications


5.0 m2/litre @200 microns WFT (per coat)




Nitocote®  UR512
4 litre packs




Two component, aliphatic polyurethane protective coating for steel and concrete surfaces



Provides an easily cleaned chemical and UV resistant protective coating. Also suitable for external water proofing.


10m2/litre/coat  @ 100 microns  WFT




Nitocote®  SN522
1 , 5 & 20 litres





Ready to use colorless silicone water repellent.





To provide a water repellent surface with improved self cleaning properties on exteriors of buildings, Brickwork, concrete, cement, renderings, natural or cast stone.


4.5 – 9 m2 / litre






Nitocote®   HR260
5 and 20 litre packs





Heat resistant silicone acrylic protective coating




Used in a wide range of industrial environment like oil refineries, chemical plants, power stations etc, where temperature resistance is required up to 2600C


10 m2 per litre per coat
@ 40 microns DFT





Nitocote®  HT120
4 litre packs





Nitocote®  EN901
 4 litre packs


Solvent free, novel resin coating, resistant to temperatures up to 1200C




Water dispersed epoxy coating and sealer


For high temperature service conditions up to 1200C. it is particularly useful to resist boiling  water under continuous or partial service conditions.



Suitable for application to reservoirs, tanks, ducts, silos, water treatment works, breweries, dairies, kitchens and food processing plants.


5.0 m2/litre
@ 200 microns WFT per coat





20-22m2 / 3.7 litre / coat  @ 180 microns WFT (100 microns DFT)






Nitocote®  PE135
4 litre packs





Eco friendly, protective coating based on hydrophobic polyester resin




Suitable as both protective coating & curing compound.


2.5m2 per litre 2 400 microns WFT / coat



Fosroc Polyurea Range of Products

Fosroc Polyurea WPE

Two component, fast curing pure polyurea system suitable for a wide range of waterproofing and protective coating applications

*Roof waterproofing, protective coating for waste water tanks, potable water tanks, sewage pipeline coating etc, External tanking to below ground structures. Primary and secondary containment bridge deck, podium slab, water proofing.

Refer datasheet

Fosroc   Polyurea FLM

Two component, fast curing Polyurea system suitable for industrial flooring applications.

*Industrial flooring protective coating.
*Loading and unloading bay coating.
*Car parks and garages floor coating.
*stadium staircase coating.
*helipad flooring coating.

Refer datasheet


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