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Joint Sealants and Waterproofing


Flexible jointing materials used to act as a seal or fill a gap between two elements in order to accept future movement.


Products: Thioflex, Colpor, Nitoseal, Nitoproof, Brushbond, Proofex, Hydroproof
















Joint Sealants and Waterproofing




Typical Uses


Thioflex®  600 GG/PG
Thioflex®  600 GG
Thioflex®  600 PG


Two part polysulphide sealant 1. 87 , 0.625 litres
2.5 litres

Provides excellent adhesion to common building substrates. It is particularly recommended for sealing structural expansion joints in most civil engineering structures like building superstructure, subways, basements, floors and reservoirs


Gun Grade (GG)



Pourable Grade (PG)

Colpor®  200/250 PF
Black – 3 litres
 Grey – 3 litres

Cold applied, high performance, fuel resistant, pitch, and pitchfree  polyurethane  sealant

For sealing joints in concrete roads, concrete runways, also suitable for sealing concrete joints where fuel and oil spillage might occur like runways, oil terminals, parkings and cargo areas.


Joint width (mm) x joint depth (mm
) x = Total no. of litres required.


Nitoseal® 280
1.5 & 4 litres


Heavy duty epoxy  urethane  joint sealant


For sealing internal floor joints subject to heavy industrial use in factories, warehouses etc.  Particularly suitable for saw cut joints in long strip flooring and other non-moving joints.


Internal width(mm) x sealant  depth(mm) x joint length(m)/1000


Nitoseal®  MS50
600ml sachets


One part general purpose building sealant

Suitable for sealing joints in concrete, brick work, Block work, Perimeter sealing around doors and windows, non-trafficked floor joints. Can be applied damp substrates, environmentally friendly




Refer datasheet


Nitoseal®   MS600
600ml sachets


One part civil engineering sealant

Suitable for sealing movement joints in building and civil engineering structures including joints that will be subjected in intermittent or permanent immersion. It is UV resistant. Approved for use in contact with potable water.


Refer datasheet


Nitoproof®  100/120
N 100-5, 20, 50 & 200 litres
N 120- 3.75, 15 & 73  litres


Bituminous waterproofing coating

External coating for below ground structures such as cellars waterproofing, protection of concrete against ground water ingress – water tanks, reservoirs, waterproof sandwich membranes, basements, and roof structures


Nitoproof 100-4-6 m2/litre



Nitoproof 120-1.0-2.5 m2 / litre/coat


Nitoproof®  600
20 litre drums


Liquid applied single component elastomeric  waterproofing membrane

For a wide range of water/vapor proofing applications such as foundations, basements, tunnels, ground floors, suspended floors, car decks, roof terraces, balconies, patios, bridges, precincts, inspection pits, water retaining  structures (not potable water), sewage works, and inverted roofs.




0.76 m2/litre @ 1.3 mm


Part A – 6 ,  23 kg
Part B – 1 , 4 litre


Two component acrylic modified cementitious coating for concrete and masonry surface.

Provides seamless, flexible, waterproof coating suitable for use in water tanks, sunken slab, sumps, roofs, basements to ensure water tightness.


Industrial pack : 16 -18 m2
@1mm thickness

Brushbond® RFX
Part A- 15 kg, 5kg
Part B-4.8 litres,
1.63 litres

Elastomeric polymer modified cementitious waterproof coating

Used for waterproofing of existing and new structure. Also suitable for all type of structure including  those situated in coastal environment – roof , basements,


12 -14 m2 in two coats to achieve  1mm thickness


Brushbond® TGP
15 kg bags


Crystalline capillary waterproofing system for cementitious  substrates

For waterproofing against the positive or negative sides of hydrostatic heads of water, for damp proofing, repairing cracks plugging,  holes, sealing wall – floor joints and stopping active leaks



1.0 to 2.0 kg/m2 per application (brush)

Brushbond® Ti
4 and 20 litre packs

Elastomeric acrylic polymer based solar  reflective and insulating coating

For use as a thermal insulation coating on roof slabs and walls of buildings. It can also be used on the interior walls and the roof of freezer rooms and cold storage facilities.


2.5 -3.0 m2/litre after dilution on steel or concrete surfaces.


Supercast®  SW10/
SW20 Rolls

Swellable  water stops for in-situ concrete


Integral sealing for construction joints, basements, retaining walls, pile caps, dams etc.


Supercast®  SWX
 310ml gun cartridge


Problem solving gun grade hydrophilic and adhesive

Sealing around joints in precast manhole covers, cable duct and pipes, around H-beam, retaining walls etc, and in conjunction with Supercast SW10 / SW20

Approx. 1.5 mts. When gunned to from a constant 16mm diameter bead, per 30 ml catridge.

Proofex  PGP


Poofex  ORG


Proofex  OGP
25m X 2.1m  Roll


Loose laid PVC water proofing membrane


Loose laid reinforced TPO water proofing membrane

Loose laid synthetic TPO water proofing membrane

Basement, tunnel reservoir water proofing membrane


Flat roof, garden roof, podium, basement, canal, waterproofing membrane




Refer datasheet



Proofex®  Torchseal
3P  & 4P

Proofex GP
Proofex 12
(10m long x 1m wide roll)


Torch applied waterproofing membrane

Self Adhesive Membrane

Heavy duty self adhesive cross laminated bituminous membrane


To provide waterproofing and damp-proof membranes for concrete roof and floor slabs, basement tanking, car park deck slabs, concrete retaining structures, tunnels and subways




Refer datasheet

Proofex®  Engage

Pre-applied HPPE waterproofing membrane which mechanically bonds to poured concrete

Basement waterproofing, durable, simple application, inert product, resistant to chemicals and aggressive ground salts



Refer datasheet

1,5,20,50 &
200 litresl

Single component polymer for cement based  waterproofing

Provides an effective and economical method of waterproofing to concrete and masonry surfaces, by mixing with cement and application by brush.



Refer data sheet




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