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Industrial Flooring


Primers Floor Hardeners Resin and Cementitious Systems



A complete range of floor surfacing products designed to enhance the performance characterstics of both new & old concrete floors.




Typical Uses




Nitoprime®  25/25(M)
1  &  4 litres


Epoxy resin based prime for concrete surface




For priming concrete surface s prior to the application of Nitoflor floor toppings.


Nitroprime  25 -5.5 – 6.5 m2/liter
Nitroprime 25(m)- 6.0 – 8.0 m2/litre

Nitoprime®   XG
1 kg

Moisture insensitive epoxy resin based prime for concrete surfaces

For priming concrete surfaces prior to the applications of nitoflor toppings.

6.2 – 7.2 m2 / litre


Floor Hardeners


Nitoflor®  Hardtop/
Hardtop  standard




Non-metallic monolithic surface hardening compound




Ideally suited for all industrial areas subject to the heaviest traffic e.g., loading  bays,  trucking lanes, car park , workshops, machine  shops, ramps, platforms etc.

Application rate       kg/m2
Heavy duty                  7.0
Medium duty              5.0
Light  duty                    3.0




Nitoflor® LH
20 & 200 litres


High performance  lithium   based hardener, strengthener  and densifier  for concrete floors


For surface hardening of new and old concrete to prevent dust generation and reduce wear, particularly on exposed concrete. Typical areas of application include warehouses, factories, and platforms on both new and existing concrete surface where epoxies are not desirable.


10-  12m2 / litre



Resin and Cementitious Systems



Nitoflor®   FC140/145
4.5 litres





Epoxy  resin based low/    medium build chemical, abrasion resistant floor coating




It  can  be used in production assembly areas, dairies, soft drinks production and bottling  plants, breweries, kitchens, showrooms, aircraft hangers, dust proof rooms etc.


Nitoflor   FC140   45m2/  pack/coat  @
45 microns DFT
Nitoflor   Fc145  18m2/ pack/coat  @
150 microns  DFT



Nitoflor®   FC150
4.5 litres




High build  epoxy resin floor coating




Provides a high build, hardwearing, chemical and abrasion resistant   floor finish. It can be used as slip resistant coating in wet areas.


Base  coat  :18m2 / pack @ 250  microns  DFT
Topcoat  : 8 m2 / pack medium size Nitoflor Antislip  grains



Nitoflor®    FC550
10 litres pack






Water miscible, damp – tolerant, epoxy resin floor coating, applied at minimum 500 micron





To provide a dust-proof, matt finish, easily cleaned surface which is resistant to most oils & liquids. It is suitable for use on floors in pharmaceutical industries, light industrial &   food processing areas.



2m2/litre  @ 500micron thickness





Nitoflor®   SL range
SL  500  - 6 litres
SL  1000 -6 litres
SL 2000 – 15 litres
SL 3000 – 15 litres
SL 4000 – 15 litres


0.5 -4 mm thick self smoothing seamless epoxy floor toppings



Ideal for industrial floors where a hardwearing. Hygienic, dust free environment is important. Useful for hospital clean rooms, electronic assembly plants, etc. 


SL500 – 7.5 m2 / pack  @ 0.8mm thickness
SL1000 – 6 m2 / pack
@ 1 mm thickness
SL2000 – 7.5 m2/ pack
@ 2 mm thickness.
SL3000 – 5 m2/ pack
@3 mm thickness.
SL4000 – 3. 75 m2/ pack
@ 4mm thickness.


Nitoflor®   TF 5000
12 litres





Nitoflor®  TS500 00
10 litres


3-6mm thick chemical and abrasion resistant epoxy resin color screed.




3-6mm thick high abrasion, strength and impact resistant epoxy screed.






To provide an extremely high strength floor topping with exceptional resistance to the surface mechanical wear and at the same time, has a safe non-slip finish for personnel and vehicular traffic. Ideally suited for heavy engineering plants, chemical handing and Process areas, steelworks, dairies, breweries, tyre manufacturing units, paint workshops, battery rooms, plating factories, etc.


2.4m2 /pack @ 5mm





2.0  m2/   pack  @  5mm




Nitoflor®   SL
Nitoflor®   SL
Top  coat     - 15 litres
Under  coat – 2.4 litres






Epoxy resin based static conductive/ dissipative seamless floor toppings.







For use in areas where a static conductive or a static dissipative floor is required as a measure to control static   electricity. Useful for electronic components assembly areas, painting booths of automobile plants, explosive material manufacturing units, operation theatres, etc. 


Conductive undercoat-15.0-17 .5m2/pack
Dissipative undercoat-16.0-19. 0m2/pack

Conductive/Dissipative Topcoat 7.5m2/pack @ 2mm thickness.




Nitoflor® EPW100
4.5 litres pack



Water based  epoxy floor coating


Ideal for industrial or commercial locations where a hard-wearing, hygienic, dust-free environment is important. Particularly useful when moisture content in concrete is more than 5%      


22-24 m2@ 100micronic dft/coat.



Nitoflor®   SL2050
12 litres pack

Flow applied, water miscible, damp-tolerant, 2-5 mm thick epoxy resin based floor topping

To provide a smooth, dense, matt finish, easily  cleaned surface resistant to oils and liquids, suitable for floors in warehouses, garages, pharmaceutical industries, light industrial  and food processing areas

0.5 m2/ litre @ 2mm thick

Nitoflor®   EU5
15 litres pack

High strength self-smoothing  underlay

Provides an economical method of leveling floors prior to laying epoxy toppings or coatings such as Nitoflor FC140, Nitoflor FC150 and Nitoflor SL range.

7.5 m2 / pack @ 2mm thickness

Cemtop®  250T
20 kg bag





Self smoothing cementitious  floor compound, 2mm to 6mm




Provides a self leveling, cementitious  underlay for a wide variety of floor finishes which require smooth level substrate  such as tiles, carpeting vinyl sheeting, linoleum, rubber and other sheeting

6.0 m2/ 20 kg bag @ 2mm thickness






Cemtop® 400SD
20 kg bag


3mm to 12mm thick cement based, self leveling, industrial floor surfacing system


Typical uses are for reinstatement of existing floors or as a final wearing course on new concrete floors where specified floor tolerances have not been achieved. Suitable for warehouses, light to medium engineering operations and car parks


11.8  litres / 20 kg bag


Nitoflor  WEC3000
17 kg bag




Light and  medium duty abrasion resistant epoxy modified cementitious floor screed



Ideally suited for dry areas in engineering plants, oil refineries and paint workshops and also for wet areas such as dairies, food industries, breweries etc.

3m2 @ 3mm thickness






Nitoflor®  Uragard SL
15 litre pack




Heavy duty polyurethane based flow applied, 6mm thick floor topping



For application as a self leveling floor for concrete and other high resistance against impact, thermal shock, abrasion and chemicals.


2.5 m2 per pack @ 6 mm thickness




Nitoflor® Uragrd  TF
12 litre pack









Heavy duty polyurethane based floor screed, 5 mm to 12 mm thick, resistant to steam, hot water and chemicals







Provides a heavy duty floor screed where high resistance against impact, thermal shock, abrasion and chemicals is required. Suitable for use in food processing areas, drink and   beverage production areas, cold stores & freezer room. particularly useful  in areas  where steam or hot water is required for cleaning


2.4 m2 /pack @ 5mm thickness









Nitoflor®   Uragard CR
 12 litre packs






Heavy duty polyurethane based hybrid floor screed, 5 mm to 10 mm thick, with very high chemical resistance




For use as heavy –duty floor screed in environments, where high resistance is required against chemicals, impact, thermal shock and abrasion.



1.2m2/pack @ 10 mm thickness





Nitoflor® uragard  CR400
4.5 litre packs



Highly chemical resistant , hybrid polyurethane based, resin flooring coating



Cold  rooms  with temperatures  down to – 50C, dairies, soft  drinks product  facilities, laboratories, cafeterias


2.5m2/L  (2 coat application)





Trafficguard®  UR150
18 litre packs


Hard wearing, skid resistant , flexible protection system for car park decks



Polyurethane  traffic  deck  system  designed to provide an added  level  of protection to, new and existing, traffic ked areas


Parking and thoroughfare – 0.3 ltr/m2 ramps – 0.45 ltr/m2



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