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Research and Development

Pure Natural Minerals

Research and Development

Increasing pace of technology and tough competition necessitate concentrated and continuous research and development efforts towards future strategic technologies and products. Research is an endless and creative activity. Establishment of testing and R & D laboratory for evaluation on physical and chemical properties of non-metallic minerals is an asset and progressive step for an International Mineral Producer organization. The R&D team of Mahavir Chemical Industries continuously seek for integration of contemporary technologies with new investments and existing technologies located at the production facilities. Work towards developing new products with superior performance is conducted with a project organization approach at Mahavir Chemical Industries R&D units



The Central R&D team concentrates on:

Process design and implementationTroubleshooting Development of new technologies Analyses Calibration of measuring and control equipment Energy conservation Design of environmentally safe operations Information technologies and Technology management.


Mahavir Chemical Industries respects our natural environment. Environmental issues are investigated with utmost care for new investments, production and other processes. Ecological values are saved both by studies concerned with release of wastes to the environment and also by environmentally safe operations policy that ensures wise use of rare natural resources like raw materials, energy and water. The Environment Group at Mahavir Chemical Industries Centerperform environmental assessment studies related with new investments, select appropriate waste management systems, make emission measurements and waste water purification experiments.

Art of Technology

As computers become an inseparable part of our corporate and manufacturing life, the information groups of Mahavir Chemical Industries continuously improve the hardware and software infrastructure for a better environment of technical development in the Company. Mahavir Chemical Industries, software is developed in the form of databases and CAD/CAM, office automation, Internet and networking are widely applied, while necessary databases and client-server architecture are built as their infrastructure.



Mahavir Chemical Industries has established state of art testing and research facilities at its works in DELHI. Mahavir Chemical Industries laboratory constantly conducts testing and research activity.


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