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Coal Tar Saturated Glass Fibre Mat



STPOuterWrap is reinforced glass fibre mat uniformly impregnated and coated with ShaliEnamel P / R compatible material.






IS 14695

Glass fibre mat base



Weight (min):  g / m²



Finished STPOuterWrap



  • Weight g / m²


550 min

  • Thickness (min) mm






Breaking strength, avg. min



  • Longitudinal

6130 N/m

30 Kg / 75 mm

  • Transverse

4730 N/m

15 Kg / 75 mm





No cracking

No cracking

Loss on heating, max.





  • Protection of Coal Tar enamel layer from damages arising out of back filling.

  • Enhancement of mechanical stability of coal tar enamel.



  • Moisture / bacteria Resistant.

  • Rot-proof.

  • Excellent resistance to soil erosion

  • Provides reinforcement to the coating system

  • Provides coating with high electrical resistance with regard to cathodic protection.


Application Methodology

STPOuterWrap is to be specially wound over the hot final coat of ShaliEnamel P / R with a minimum overlap of 25 mm at a tension to avoid wrinkles, buckles and such defects and allowing bleed outs. Coating thickness can be controlled by speed of application, temperature of enamel and tension while wrapping STPOuterWrap. Unless specified, the standard practice is to use one / two STPInnerWrap and one STPOuterWrap for coating.


Health & Safety

  • Use goggles, hand gloves and mask while application.

  • Clean hands with warm soap water after application.



Available in rolls of 300 M in length and normally 6 /  9 / 12 / 18 / 36 Inch in width.



Keep in cool dry place under the shed away from heat.





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