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Admixtures Products:

Water Reducing Admixtures (Plasticisers) Superplasticisers Retarding  Plasticisers Air Entraining  Agents
Accelerators, Surface Retarders  &  Corrosion Inhibitors IntegralWaterproofing Compounds Sprayed  Concrete  Accelerators Hyper  Plasticisers



Liquid or Powder products which modify and improve the properties of fresh and hardened concrete or mortar.



Typical Uses


 Water Reducing Admixtures (Plasticisers)

Conplast®  P211
1,5,20 & 200 liters

Water reducing admixture
Conforms to IS: 9103 99. Also complies with IS
:2645_ 2003 & ASTM C494 type A.

All structural and general concrete where improved density and quality are required. Cement saving where access cement proves necessary to obtain target strength.

150 _250ml / bag of cement

Conplast® P505
5,20 & 200 liters

High performance, slump retaining and water BS 5075 part 1 and ASTM C494 as type A & D & IS: 9103 99 

Significant cement saving can be made without reduction in strength and workability. Used for all structural concrete where improved density and quality are required. Can be used as a retarding. Water reducing admixture at higher dosages.

100_250 ml / bag of cement


High Range Water Reducing Admixtures (Superplasticisers)

Conplast®  SP3 37
5, 20 & 200 liters


High performance water reducing super plasticisers. Conforms to IS: 9103-1999. Also complies with IS: 264 5- 2003 , BS 5075 part 3 and ASTM C-494 type F.

Production of precast elements-beams, shell forms and railway sleepers. Easy compaction in heavily reinforced concrete bridges. Foundations, columns, beam and narrow formwork units.

300-  570 ml / bag of cement

Conplast®  SP4 30 
5 , 20 & 200 liters

High range superplasticising admixture. Complies with IS: 1999 and BS 507 5 part 3. It also conforms to ASTM C-494 type F and G depending on the dosages used.

Speeds up construction, increases workability and cohesion, aids pumping by reducing line friction and dry packing. Low porosity resistance in substantially improved water penetration resistance.

250ml- 1 litre / bag of cement


Retarding  Plasticisers

Conplast®  RP26 4 
5, 20  & 200 litres

Retarding and water reducing admixture. Conforms to IS: 9103 – 99. Also complies with ASTM  C 494 type  D.

Avoidance of (cold joints) where delays in transport  &  placing of concrete occur –towers, chimneys, high- rise buildings, using slipform shutters, tunnels/ shaft lining, offshore construction and piles.

100- 300 ml/ bag of cement


Air Entraining  Agents

Conplast®   PA21 (S) 
20 & 200 litres

Air entraining admixture.  Conforms to IS: 9103 -99.

Low permeability concrete water retaining structure weather and salt resistance marine and coastal structures.  High cohesiveness with harsh aggregates for concrete basements, floor slabs and roof slabs.  

100- 200 ml / bag of cement.


Accelerators, Surface Retarders  &  Corrosion Inhibitors

Conplast®  NC 
5 ,20  & 200 litres

Chloride free accelerating admixture.  Complies with  IS : 91 03-99, BS  5075 part  1  and  ASTM  C494 type  C.

Precast concrete sections, concrete  placed  in  cold weather conditions concrete for repairs etc.

1 - 1.5 litres / bag of cement.

Conplast®    SR  
5 ,  20  & 200  litres

Water based surface retarder for concrete.

Surface retarder for producing exposed aggregate concrete finish in face- down precast concrete manufacture.

8  -  12m2 / litre

Conplast®  CN 
20  &  200 litres 

Calcium nitrite based corrosion inhibiting  admixture

As a  corrosion inhibiting  admixture for use in concrete where calcium nitrite is required

7.5  -  22.5  litre/ m3 approximately   2  -   6% by  weight of cement

Conplast®  UW  200  litres

Under water  concrete  admixture 

Designed to  allow  concrete to  be placed  under  water

0.6  to  1%  by weight of cement 


Integral  Waterproofing Compounds

Conplast®  X421  IC 
125ml, 0.5, 1,5, 200 litres

Integral waterproofing liquid admixture for concrete and mortar. Conforms to  IS:2645-2003  & IS : 9103-1999

Increases the waterproofing properties of concrete and cement sand mortars.

125 -  200ml / bag of cement

Conplast®  WO90 
1  &  2 5 kg 

Integral water   proofing powder additive for concrete and mortar. Conforms  to  IS:2645-2003

To reduce permeability of concrete and sand / cement mortar for use in basements, roof slabs, screeds and water retaining structures.

1kg / bag of cement

Cebex® 112  
100ml, 1, 5, 20  &  200  litres

Mortar  plasticiser  and plastering  aid 

To improve workability and trowelling    properties of sand/cement mortar mixes during application and to minimize shrinkage cracks.

100ml / bag of cement


Sprayed  Concrete  Accelerators

Sprayset  HBL /SL 
20, 100  & 200 litres

Sprayed  concrete  liquid  admixture 

Used in sprayed concrete, shotcrete and gunite processes where rapid setting is required.

2-3 litres / bag of cement 


Hyper  Plasticisers

100  200  liters

High-performance, third generation, polycarboxylic based hyperplasticiser. Complies with IS: 9103-1999 and BS:  5075 part 3    and ASTM C-494 type F and G depending on the dosage used.

Self-compacting concrete, ultra high    strength concrete, to achieve high early strength. Excellent workability retention.  Aids pumping. 

250ml- 1.5 litre/bag of  cement

Structuro®  485 
200  litres

High  performance  cohesion  agent  specially  designed to ensure a good  consistency and  stability  in self  concrete.

Particularly adapted to the production of self –compacting concrete, used as a pumping aid and under water concrete.

1.0 -  4.0 litre  per  cubic  meter of concrete


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