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Grouts & Anchors

Grouts & Anchors


Products: Conbextra, Cebex, Lokfix

Cement and resin-based products to fill voids beneath (or between) load-bearing units, together with anchoring systems to install permanent or removable anchors and fixings.

Highly efficient load transfer

Excellent chemical resistance

High strength high performance

Assured bonding of critical fixings

Long and distinguished track record










Typical Uses


General  Purpose  Grouts


Conbextra®   GPI
25  kgs

Conbextra®   GP2
25 kgs



Conbextra®   GP3 
25  kgs


Non shrink.  Free flow,  cementitious  grout

Non shrink,  free flow,  high strength cementations  precision  grout


Non shrink, free flow , extra high strength dual expansion  system  precision grout      



Machine base plate grouting - turbines, generator, pump, presses, steel rolling beds production machinery and crane rails.  Construction   grouting –stanchions, columns, beams, bolt pockets, keyways and anchors.



13.7  litres/25 kg at flowable  consistency


13.3 litres/25 kg  at  flowable consistency
12.5 litres/25 kg at pourable  consistency

12.6  litres/25 kg at pourable  consistency
12.7 litre/25 kg at flowable  consistency  

Conbextra®  AT
15 kgs

non  shrinks , free flow, extra high strength precision grout

For heavy duty support beneath load bearing units especially where high static and dynamic forces occur.

12. 5  litres/ 25kg at flowable consistency

Conbextra®   HES
15  kgs

Free flow , high early  strength, rapid setting, cementitious  grout

Special grouting applications where early strength development is the main criteria. 

9  litres/15 kg at pourable consistency

Conbextra®   HR
25 kgs

Heat resistant ,  high strength, non-shrink, free flow  cementitious 

For grouting of equipment like blast furnace, chimneys etc. where high temperature and thermal gradients are envisaged.

12 litres/ 25 kg at flowable  consistency

Conbextra  HF
25 kgs

Shrinkage  compensated  cementitious  precision  grout

Used for free flow precision grouting in a wide range of applications. These critical uses include heavy duty support beneath machine base plates, bridge bearings and crane rails.

13.25 litres at flowable consistency

Conbextra  BPG
25 kgs

High strength , pourable, non shrink  cementitious  bolt pocket grout

For grouting bolt pockets of equipments where it is essential to withstand statics & dynamic loads.

11.9 litres / 25 kgs

Cebex® 100
225 g

Plasticised  expanding  grout  cementitious  pocket grout admixture

Grouting of voids-tunnels and shaft lining s, non- reinforced duct grouting .underpining below foundation and confined cavity fills.

225 g / bag of cement

Cebex®   200
225 g

Hydrogen free plasticizing
Expansion grout admixture

Admixture for cement grouts where a reduced water cement ratio and positive expansions are required.  Applications include bed grouting. Duct grouting. Non- shrinks infilling and jointing.

225 g / bag of  cement

Conbextra®   EP10
1.0  litre

Epoxy resin injection grout

For injecting into cracks, Honeycombs and cavities in concrete structures. It can also be used for grouting base plates with very narrow gapes (<10mm).

1.0 litre

Conbextra®    EP75
Conbextra®    EP300

Range of epoxy resin based  grouts

For use in cavities where heavy dynamic or mobile loads are encountered. Also for use in conditions where chemical spillages may occur.

Conbextra  EP75-14 litres
Conbextra EP300-14 litres

Conbextra®  EUW
1.5 litre

Water  insensitive  epoxy material

For use in grouting  gaps ranging from 0.25mm  to 10mm as an epoxy injection material.  As an underwater epoxy grout/ epoxy repair mortar in conjunction with quartz filler.

1.5 litre  pack

Lokfix®   range

Range  of polyester resin based chemical  anchors

High  early  strength  anchoring,  holding  down   bolts for machinery  and equipment , starter  bars in concrete, anti-flotation and  rock bed anchors, fenders and marine  equipment fixing. Crane rail and railway track attached to concrete.

Lokfix S - 2. 5  &  0.5 litres


Lokfix P- 2.  5  &   0.5 litres


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