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Products: Concure, Reebol, Preco

Curing membranes, release agents to improve the surface finish of concrete.


Curing   Compounds Shutter   Release  Agents Multipurpose  Cleaning  Agent






Curing membranes, relese agents to improve the surface finish of concrete.




Typical Uses



Curing   Compounds

Concure®  WB
5,  20  &  200  liters

Concrete  curing  compound

Exposed concrete structures, slipform structures, walls, canal linings, mass concrete faces.

200 – 270ml/m

Concure®  LP90 
20  & 200    litre

High efficiency polymeric resin based film forming curing agent

As a spray applied membrange to retain moisture in concrete for effective curing. Suitable for all general concrete applications and of particular benefit for large area concrete surfaces, such as airport runways, roads and bridge works.


3.3 – 5.0m/litre
(0.200 to 0.285 litres/m2 )  


Shutter   Release  Agents

Reebol® / Reebol®  Std
5, 20 &  200  litres 

Chemical mould release agent

To  provide  quick,  clean and easy  stripping  of mould  and formwork  and ensure high quality  fair  faced and stain  free  concrete.

Reebol20-60m/ litre
Reebol  std-30-4m2/litre *
Depending  on the mould surface

Reebol®  emulsion  Xtra
5, 20  & 200  litres

Concentrated  and emulsified  chemical  mould release  agent

For easy stain free release of concrete mould and formwork of all types. Particularly where wooden formwork is used and de-moulding or stripping times exceed 24 hours.

1 litre of Reebol emulsion Xtra when diluted with 6 litre of water will cover 80- 180 m2 substrate.


Multipurpose  Cleaning  Agent 

0.5, 1,5 & 20 L

Concrete remover, cleaning  and etching agent

Removes hardendened    concrete   from tools, maching of concrete floors and surfaces prior to application of resin or other surfaces coating.

10 – 15m2 / litre


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