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Concrete Repair Mortars


Concrete Repair Mortars


Products: Renderoc, Patchroc, Paveroc, Nitomortar, Nitobond, Exposeal

Primers, cement and resin based materials to reinstate defective concrete.

Low, medium and high build solutions

Self compacting solutions

Rapid cure solutions

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Typical Uses


Repairs  &  Maintenance


Renderoc®  S2
Powder  25  kg
Liquid  0.54 kg



Structural grade  prepacked  cement  mortars


Reinstatement of spalled concrete r.c.
Members like beams, slab, soffits etc.


13.5  liters/ 25 kg

Renderoc®   HB2
Powder  18 kg
Liquid 0.54 kg

Light weight structural grade prepacked cement mortars

Reinstatement of spalled concrete r.c.  members like beams  slab,  soffits  etc.

1.3 m2 at 10mm thickness per 18 kg bag.

Renderoc    FC
20 kg 

Single  component polymer modified  cementitious  pinhole filler

For  application to minor  imperfection in concrete and masonry surface  upto  0 -  3mm range

4m2@ 3mm thickness for 20 kg bag.

Renderoc   RG
25 kg

General  purpose ,  non shrink, cementitious  micro concrete

For repair  to damaged  reinforced concrete  elements  particularly  where access is restricted  and  where vibration  of the placed  material is  difficult or impossible. Suitable for various structural strengthening measures such as encasements. builtups etc.

13 litres /25 kg @ W/P 0.16

Renderoc® UW
25 kg

Antiwash out, nonshrink, high strength cementitious micro concrete for underwater repairs.

For free flow or pumped material to repair deteriorated underwater or tidal zone concrete structures without significant washout of the cement paste. Applications concrete pilling and dams.

1.4.5 litres/25 kg  at  W/P 0.22 

Renderoc® CS
1 kg pack

Single part, non shrink, cementitious, crack sealer for plaster, masonry and concrete

For sealing cracks on plaster, masonry and concrete substrates.

30 RM for a V groove crack of 6mm x 6mm. the actual coverage may vary depending on the substrate conditions.

Renderoc® CF
1,  5  &  25 kg  pack

Crack filler

For sealing cracks on plaster, masonry and concrete substrates.

30  RM /  1 kg pack for a groove  crack of 6 mm x 6 mm.

Renderoc® plug
5  &  15 kg 

Rapid setting cement  based  waterleak  plugging mortar

For the rapid temporary patching and plugging on concrete segment, concrete and brick tunnel linings, sewage systems, below ground access chambers, pipes, basements, foundations and mines.


Exposeal®   UW
(Formerly Nitoseal  UW)
2.4  litres

Epoxy resin based putty  for underwater repairs

For filling of blow holes, sealing cracks for underwater grounting, eliminating minor irregularities on concrete surfaces in damp and underwater conditions.

1 litre / m2@ 1 mm thickness

25 kg

Cementitious repair systems for concrete floors

For patching and replacement of worm areas, filling of holes or depressions in concrete floor slabs in factories, go downs, commercial or domestic buildings.

13  litres /25 kg

25 kg

Fast  setting concrete patching  compound

Rapid reinstatement of large areas of concrete pavements, roadways, factory floors and car parks.

12 litres/25 kg

Renderoc®     RSXtra
15 kg bags

Rapid setting repair concrete

For the emergency reinstatement of damaged or deteriorated concrete. For both internal  and  external use

7.5 litre / 15 kg. bag


Epoxy   Resin  Mortars


10 litres


High performance epoxy resin based mortar

Repair of concrete, masonry etc., damaged due to chemical attack  and  for repairing areas subject to high impact or tensile  loads

2 m2 at 5mm thickness/ pack

Nitomotar® 30
8 litres

High build epoxy based  repair mortar

For lining ETP, STP and chemical tanks along with suitable protective coating and for repairing dams (pointing) spillways, etc where abrasion resistance is required along with high strength.

2.67  m2 at 3mm thickness /pack

Nitomotar®  FC
4 litres

Epoxy resin fairing coat

Filling  pinholes prior to overcoating  Nitocote  or  Nitoflor  Product

1 litre / m2 at 1mm thickness

Nitomotar®    PE
5 litres






Expocrete®  EC
13.5 litres
(Formerly Nitocrete  EC)

Polyester resin jointing and repair   compound






High strength epoxy concrete.

Repair to concrete bedding units to be used on the same day or where ultra –high  strength and required - building elements, concrete rises, floor joint damage, worn stairways, blowholes & erosion pockets in concrete  faces, setting window / door frames & bedding precast

The product is designed for horizontal applications. It is ideally suited for fast and permanent Reinstatement of defective concrete surfaces in bridges, dams, foundations, slabs, joints in highways, concrete runways.


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13.5 litres pack aggregate (not supplied) has to be added at site





Expocrete®  EUW
13.5 litre packs

High strength  underwater epoxy  concrete

For the fast and permanent reinstatement of concrete, particularly where high strength, abrasion, impact and chemical resistance are required.  The product is designed for underwater Applications.

Expocrete EUW 13.5 L       (27.  75 kg.) packing


Composite  Fibre  System


Nitowrap  EP(GF)
Nitowrap  EP(GF)

High performance high strength, composite fibre system for structural strengthening

Used for strengthening columns, beams, slabs of load bearing structures particularly where improvement to shear strength and deformation characteristics is required. It is ideal for seismic retrofitting also. Typical applications walls , masonry bridges, towers, pipes, chimneys, tunnels and other structures etc.


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Nitowrap  CFP
100m  length /roll

High performance, high strength, corrosion resistant  pultruded carbon fibre  plates

For increasing  load carrying capacity of structural members particularly where increase in live load / traffic load is expected

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