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Jointing materials used to act as a bonding agent to provide structural integrity.


Products: Nitobond, Nitotile

Concrete bonding agents, tile and general-purpose adhesives for use with concrete structures.

Improving the bond strength of fresh wet mortars

Permanent fixing of ceramic tiles and board materials








Typical Uses



Nitotile®   GP
5, 15 & 25 kg





Single  component, tropical grade, ceramic tile adhesive





High quality adhesive for permanent fixing of ceramic tiles both in internal and submerged conditions i.e., swimming pools, toilets, kitchens, flooring etc


3.8 kg/m2 @ 2mm thickness





Nitotile® MPA
5, 15 & 25 kg





Multipurpose ceramic title adhesive for external and tile-on-tile application




High quality adhesive for the permanent fixing of ceramic tiles over smooth surfaces such as existing tiles, ceramic tiles or glass and external facia applications.


3.8 kg/m2 @ 2mm thickness





Nitotile® GTA
5 & 25 kg


Polymer modified granite tile adhesive


Permanent fixing of granite and marble tiles


Approx 0.82 for 5 kgs @3mm thickness


Nitotile® Grout
0.5 & 1kg



Pigmented, cement based tile joint filler



High quality joint filler for filling the tile joints so as to create strong tile joints.


40 RM in a 3x5 m joints



Nitobond®  EP
1 & 4 litres




Solvent free epoxy bonding agent for joining old and new concrete



For bonding new cementitious materials to existing cementitious surfaces. For use on horizontal surfaces and on vertical surface where mortar or concrete can be supported by formwork. Ideal for extensions and repairs to structural concrete in industrial, residential & commercial buildings.





2.5m2/litre @ 400 microns thickness






Nitobond®  AR/HAR
1,5 & 20 litres


Acrylic emulsion cement modifier and concrete bonding agent



Recommended primer for the Fosroc cementitious repairs system for improving bonding in renders and mortars, repair of worm, damaged or spalled concrete.



6 – 8 m2 /litre



Nitobond® SBR
1.5 & 20 litres




Styrene butadiene polymer bonding agent cum cement mortar/ concrete modifier



Used to modify the concrete for repairing distressed RC members and to modify mortars as waterproofing and flooring render








Nitobond® SBR Latex
 0.5, 1, 5 & 20 litres






Mortar and screed modifier cum bonding aid






For modifying and improving bonding of floor toppings, renderings and mortars; concrete, repair of large cracks; waterproof plasters for masonary and slurries.



4-5 m2/litre depending on substrate porosity.





Nitobond®  PC
3.7 litres


Thixotropic epoxy adhesive for precast segments


Bonding precast concrete segment to speed up construction and provide structural and water resistant joint. eg. Flyovers, bridge, pipelines etc



1 litre / m2 @ 1mm thickness





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