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Hot Applied Anti-Corrosion Coal Tar Tape



CT is hot applied coal tar tape system for water / gas / oil pipelines. PipeWrapTM

CT is manufactured by specially formulated coal tar enamel coating sandwiching high tensile glass fibre fabric. It has polythene film on either side to facilitate unwinding. PipeWrapTM CT is an easy to use anti-corrosion tape suitable for wide range of climatic conditions. PipeWrapTM CT conforms to AWWA C203/2002 and IS: 15337/2003 standards.









Softening Point, oC




Penetration at 25 oC, 100 gm, 5 sec




Filler %




Breaking load in the Longitudinal direction for the




following thickness of tape, N / mm





2 mm





3 mm





4 mm




Service Temperature of tape, oC




Adhesion test on applied tape on steel pipe


Cathodic disbondment test with applied tape on steel

< 5 mm radius from the edge



of 6 mm holiday


Solubility of Coal tar based tape in petrol, % wt in 24 Hrs




Direct impact test, disbonded area, mm2




Holiday test, of thickness, KV





2 mm





3 mm





4 mm




Low temperature cracking test at -23.3 oC



Weight, Kg / Sq.M per mm ± 10%





  • Coating material for drinking water pipelines, fire fighting pipelines, raw water pipelines in thermal plants, oil and gas pipelines.

  • Applied on buried and immersed pipes, fittings and appurtenances to protect them from high corrosive environment



  • Resist Moisture

  • Resist bacterial growth

  • Most effective solutions for refurbishment, repair and maintenance of existing pipelines, specially in-situ repair.


Application Methodology

  • Remove dust, flakes, oil, grease or other loose foreign particles by blasting, wire brush or compressed air.

  • Leave 200 mm from pipe ends for welding joints. Coat and wrap such left over part of pipe at site after welding and hydro testing.

  • Apply ShaliPrime PW CT on cleaned surface at 100 - 120 Ml / Sq.M to get DFT of about 30 microns.

  • Allow the primed surface to touch dry, which may take 5 - 15 minutes.

  • Remove PE film and show the flame of butane gas torch on to the surfaces till it becomes glossy-smooth.

  • Coat PipeWrap – CT on the primed surface. Provide overlap of 25 mm between two adjoining layers. Wrap spirally and apply sufficient tension to ensure good adhesion and avoid pockets and bridging to meet holiday detection requirement. Tape joint shall face downward on outside of lap joint.

  • Complete necessary welding and testing of the joint before coating.

  • Recommend to apply at the time of pipe erection and lowering inside trenches to avoid any damage.


Health & Safety

  • Use goggles, mask, nose cover and hand gloves during application

  • Clean hands with warm soap water after application



Available in 2 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm thickness with width of 250 mm, 500 mm and 1000 mm. of 10 Mtr length.



Keep under shed away from heat. Do not stack more than three rolls in one column.


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