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Polymer Modified Bitumen

Key Features

Mahavir Chemicals Polymer Modified Bitumen isn't just ideally suited for hot climates, but also satisfies the rising demands due to heavy vehicle and traffic volumes on today's roads and runways. Mahavir Chemicals Polymer Modified Bitumen is manufactured with a specially blended feed, making the binder homogenous and storage stable. It enhances the key properties of asphalt mixes, i.e. deformation resistance and fatigue life. These improvements are the result of three vital physical changes which the polymer makes in the conventional binder structure: reduced temperature susceptibility, increased stiffness modulus and enhanced elasticity .






  • Surface dressing

  • Wearing course

  • Stress absorbing membranes (crack sealing)

  • Stress absorbing membrane interlayer

  • Base course

  • Thin overlays



Advantages of Mahavir Chemicals PMB 40 over Conventional Bitumen

  • Optimizes cost/service life

  • Reduces maintenance frequency

  • Provides high skid resistance

  • Reduces noise levels

  • Durable in extreme climatic conditions and high rainfall regions

  • Lower susceptibility to daily and seasonal temperature variations

  • Higher resistance to deformation at elevated pavement temperatures

  • Increases fatigue life

  • Delays cracking and reflective cracking

  • Overall improved performance in extreme climatic conditions and under heavy traffic conditions

  • Better water resistance

  • Resistance to creep failure

  • Higher indirect tensile strength


Technical Specifications

Key properties as per IS 15462: 2004

Specification / Property

PMB 40

Softening Point, 0C (min)


Penetration at 250C


Elastic Recovery of half thread, % (min)


Separation, Difference in softening point, 0C (Max)


Product Application

Usage recommendations as per IRC SP 53:2002


Viscosity (poise)

Temperature range, 0C

Binder at mixing

Max 2

165 – 185

Mix at mixing plant

Max 4

140 – 160

Mix at laying site

Max 5

130 – 150

Rolling at laying site









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