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Whether it is asphalt or concrete pavements, pot holes are an enormous problem because repairs with traditional asphalt based materials lack durability.  All over the world pot holes is a daily challenge for cars and trucks being expensive in car repairs and hospital bills because bitumen- or cementbased products are not long lasting.

Mahavir Chemicals offer a special mix for pot hole repair. As could asphalt it is mixed and laid cold but then the similarities stop. Mahavir Chemicals Pot Hole Mix is a special version of our MonoConfalt, mixed with smaller aggregates and with additives added that secures a very fast setting. When laid and quickly smoothed to desired surface it sets fast and can be trafficked within minutes. It is not dependent on the distance to an asphalt plant, can be stored cold, quickly mixed with water (6,4%) and applied continuously throughout the day whenever it fits into your plans.


Our Product for pot holes is a semi-flexible pavement product that offers:


  • Cost efficient solution that secures a sustainable repair of pot holes

  • Can be laid year round

  • Superior combination of compressive and tensile strength

  • E-module of 8.000 – 12.000 Mpa

  • Can be adjusted in colour and surface structure

  • Requires a minimum of labor

  • Ready for traffic within minutes.

  • For private use or for smaller repairs a bag of Pot Hole Repair Mix with a small amount of water and a mixer with battery pack you are ready to go.

  • For contractors one m³ of water on a truck makes it possible to lay more than 15 ton of MonoConfalt® Pot Hole repair. Turn Key truck system will soon be ready for sale to contractors.





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