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Pipeline Coating


   ShaliPoxy 400


Two Component High Solid Food Grade Epoxy Coating



ShaliPoxy 400 is WRAS Approved Food Grade Epoxy Coating for internal coating of pipes, vessels and other equipments used for portable water. It conforms to BS 6920:2000.




Light Yellow



2.32 m2/L



Rate / coat




3:1 By Volume

Hardness (Shore D)


Pot  Life  @  28  OC,  55%

22 ± 3  min

Water Absorption


RH,100g material





Touch Dry @ 27 OC, 55%

1 hr

Specific Gravity (Mixed) @

1.49 ± 0.02



27 OC



Hard  Dry  @  27  OC,  55%

6 - 8 hr

Scratch Resistance

No Failure 1.0 kg






Volume Solids

~ 100 %

Film Thickness / coat

400 micron

Full  Cure  @  27  OC,  55%

7 days

Application Temperature

10 to 60 OC, with





RH < 75%


  • Internal coating for potable water pipelines.

  • Internal coating for potable water storage.



  • Excellent food grade properties

  • Excellent adhesion to the surface corrosion, protection properties.

  • Good temperature / abrasion resistance properties.


Application Methodology

  • Prepare the surface by mechanical grinding or other suitable method.

  • Remove dust, flakes, oil, grease or other loose foreign particles by sand blasting, iron brush or compressed air.

  • Stir drums of each component thoroughly for uniformity. For best result, use a variable speed

drill mixer with a spiral type blade at the bottom of stirrer rod. The speed may be 400-600 rpm. Pre heat part-A @ 55-80 OC and Part-B @ 25-35 OC.

  • Apply ShaliPoxy 400 by plural feed airless spray gun to the required thickness on the substrate.

  • The tip pressure typically 4000-5000 psi (the tip pressure should be adjusted to achieve good atomization of the spray). Tip size typically 19-25 Thou orifice.



Clean all tools immediately after use with STP cleaner.


Health & Safety

  • Use mask, nose cover and hand gloves during application.

  • Clean hands with soap water after application.

    Avoid contact with skin / eyes. In case of unlikely contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water, then cleanse with soap and lukewarm water and seek medical advice. Do not use solvent to clean the contacted area.

  • Prevent swallowing. In case of unlikely swallowing, seek medical attention immediately. Do not induce vomiting.



Comp A  200 L and Comp B 100 L.



The material should store in a cool dry place under shade away from heat.


Shelf Life

1 year in original unopened sealed condition.



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