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   ShaliPrime PW CT


Synthetic Primer for Coal Tar Tape



ShaliPrime PW CT (earlier known as Jet Set Primer Type C) is resin based synthetic primer containing unmodified chlorinated rubber and special grade of coal tar pitch. It is applied without heating and produces an effective bond between the surface to be protected and Coal Tar Tape wrapped thereon. It conforms to AWWA C 203/97 & IS 10221-82.




Specific Gravity at 30 OC

1.00 – 1.10

Volatile Matter, 100-110

75 Max



OC, Loss of mass, %


Flash Point (Abel), OC


Drying Time, Minutes,

5 - 15



Tack free


Viscosity (Flow Time), 20

35 - 60

Coverage, m2/L

8 - 10

OC, No. 4 Flow cup, sec.




Filler Material



By Brush / Spray



ShaliPrime PW CT is applied as a primer over steel pipelines for providing bond between PipeWrap CT and primed steel pipes.



  • Excellent bonding of Coal Tar Tape and pipeline surface with improved electrical insulation properties

  • Easy to Apply

  • Economical and cost effective.


Application Methodology

  • Clean the surface free of all foreign matter, dust, oil or grease, specially of chloride contamination.

  • Pre-heat the pipe to 40 – 50 OC.

  • Blast clean surface of the pipe by shot and grit to a grayish matt appearance to SA 2 ½.

  • Apply ShaliPrime PW CT at the rate of 8 m2/L on completely dry surface.


Health & Safety

  • Use goggles and hand gloves during application

  • Clean hands with warm soap water after application



Available in 20 L and 200 L steel drum.



Keep in cool and dry place under shed away from heat.


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