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Boiler Bed Material

Boiler Bed Material


The Boiler Bed Material is the most critical product for Boiler operation. It is not just the crushed refractory grog. It is the lifeline for Fluidized Bed Boilers. The product is processed from special Refractory aggregates of high chemical purity, dense consistency, and high refractoriness. It is apposite to sustain technical properties for fluidization at high temperatures up to 1400C under most critical working conditions.

The product is designed with special attention to its very uniqueness and service necessities. Furthermore, Mahavir Chemical's Bed Material for FBC & CFBC Boilers is a very exclusive refractory product, processed specially to give smooth fluidization with different fuels under different service conditions. It also has a fairly high productivity and many special attributes that makes it a transcendent material for FBC & CFBC Boilers with larger scale of economy.


Mahavir Chemical's Bed Material developed is a result of our continuous in-house research and development work with field experience for over 25 years under technical support and guidance extended by the leading manufacturers of FBC & CFBC Boilers like BHEL, TBW, CVL and IJT during all these years.

The technical criteria’s and particle size distribution of the material is predetermined for practicality as well as economy of the product on the basis of technical requirement with specific fuel and boiler design.


Mahavir Chemical's Bed Material has many special characteristics that make it a perfect material for obtaining smooth and perfect fluidization in FBC & CFBC Boilers with high economy of operations.

  • Accurately Screened Material Free From Dust and Fines
  • Perfect Particle Size Distribution
  • No Over Sized Particles
  • Resistant Against Clinker Formation
  • Perfect in Obtaining Smooth Fluidization
  • Exceptional Chemical Purity
  • High I.D.T (Initial Deformation Temperature)
  • Very Low Alkali Contents
  • No Free Iron Particles – Processed Through Magnetic Separators
  • Perfectly Controlled Material Density
  • Hard Material with Dense Texture


    Zero Wastage – Low Consumption
    Fully Screened Material and Perfect Particle Size Distribution, Free from fines, dust and Over size particles eliminate wastage and reduce Consumption of material including no free flow or wastage in air during operation.

    Uniform Heat
    Intermediate Particle Distribution of the product in required percentage as per boiler size, height and design leads to perfect conductivity of heat in the boiler.

    Resistant against Clinker Formation
    The Low ferric chemical property and High Initial Deformation Temperature (PCE value) makes it highly resistant to abrasion and an ideal product against clinker formation at high temperatures.

    Safest Product for Boiler Tubes
    Exceptional Chemical Purity, low alkalis and moderate alumina contents of the material make it neutral in chemical nature having no chemical reaction with boiler tubes and carbon fuel. These special chemical properties increase efficiency and life span of boiler tubes as well as refractory lining.

    Economy of Product
    ◊ The product is excellent in operational properties and performance.
    ◊ It is highly economical in use in comparison to materials processed from low temp. Ceramic waste.
    ◊ Our bed material offer phenomenal saving of over 40-50% on account of perfect size, low wastage, chemical purity, high refractoriness and heat    conductivity.
    ◊ The smooth operational properties and extensive particle life of the material results in low downtime.
    ◊ The material is most suitable for recycling in certain conditions on account of its very special feature of refractoriness.

    Special features
    ◊ The product has wide acceptance in India and Overseas by most FBC & CFBC boilers of BHEL, Thermax etc.
    ◊ The product is presently being supplied to the tune of over 36000 MT per annum to highly reputed corporate

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